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  • 8 empresas destacadas de América Latina encuentran 34 empresas destacadas italianas para conocer nuevas tecnologías, intercambiar opiniones y analizar la posibilidad de negocios juntos en los mercados internacionales. https://www.larivistadelcolore.com/events/progetto-inbuyer/
  • HOUSTON – October, 2019 – Ascend Performance Materials, a global provider of specialty plastics, fibers and chemicals, exhibited its biodegradable FlexaTrac™ chelates and solvents at Sepawa (Berlin, October 23-­25, 2019). Ascend’s FlexaTrac-NTA boasts a higher binding capacity that other popular chelates. NTA is up to 50 percent more effective at chelating metal ions than EDTA, with the additional advantage of being readily biodegradable. In industrial and institutional solutions, FlexaTrac-NTA can improve both cleaning and environmental performance. “Reducing environmental impacts is an important part of the decision in choosing NTA over the alternatives,” said Maria Field, Ascend’s business manager for FlexaTrac-NTA. “We continue to invest in the global availability of this effective chelate because it remains unmatched in its mix of performance, cost-effectiveness and environmental-friendliness.” The company will also feature its biodegradable dimethyl ester solvents, marketed as FlexaTrac-DME specialties. FlexaTrac-DME solvents offer low volatile organic compound content, low to no odor and miscibility with most organic solvents. They are effective at removing grease and oils, and as a carrier solvent for scents.